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Here, you can be anything.

I think that scares you.

Sami Kay!
18 November 1986
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My given name is Samantha, though I don't mind if you call me Sami, Sam, or Sami Kay.

I think this picture does an accurate job in describing me: kind of goofy, a little awkward, and totally incapable of taking a decent picture.

This is my best friend in the entire world. She pretty much keeps me balanced, makes me grounded and reminds me that I really am the funniest person ever. Haaa. There's nothing comparable to driving down Riverside Drive with her while listening to Third Eye Blind.

This bitch is my sister. She's my life, pretty much, even though she's dumber than a bag of shit. Haha. No one gets my humor like she does. We've laughed everywhere from Christmas prayer to funerals. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but it takes someone to know you pretty well to get you to laugh at a funeral. Just sayin'.

This is my first semester away from home. So everything you're seeing is real and practically unedited. Semester in the life of a professional writing major. Weeee.

And there you have it. That's my life, all in a box, complete with pictures. I hope you enjoy it. And before you go,

I sleep sucking my thumb. Just in case you were wondering.